Studies: Who is Studying the Study-ers?


How many times do you read or hear a news story about some sort of ‘study’ and think; how much did they pay for THAT? ‘Scientists Find Drinking Beer Makes You Fat;’ or ‘Study Concludes Politicians Don’t Always Tell Truth’… Yeah, no Shiite, Sherlock. Here are some of my favorites (snarky comments are mine):

– Eating egg yolks is as bad as smoking (what – from Pro-life Chicken Groups?)
– Watching pornography could make men better weightlifters (one arm, anway)
– Best position of penguin during defecation to calculate rectal pressure (‘Arch of the Penguins’?)
– Castration is the key for long life in men (or get married, same difference)
– Do Herring Communicate by Passing Gas (what happens when they shout?)

But all seriousness aside, what about when studies are used in a more nefarious manner? When instead of deductive reasoning, working their way down from the top, the person or group has a position they want to push or persuade people with and so they find a “study” that backs their thinking. Or worse, they fund research and contrive studies to legitimize what they’re saying scientifically or sociologically to support their agenda. It happens every day – especially in politics – and if you’re like me, you’re sick and tired of it.

“Studies conclude new light bulbs extend the life of humans worldwide…” What? Are you going to tell me enough time and people were studied to come away with something that significant? Did they consider these bulbs are manufactured in China, powered by dirty coal plants which kill Chinese men by the thousands and pollute the air to an extent which ought to make Al Gore jump in a lake (there’s a thought)? It’s a skewed, agenda-driven study commissioned by anti-American, anti-business environmentalists – or worse yet – people who are making millions off the legislation. *Cough-cough*-Congress*-cough*lobbyists cough*special interest-cough…

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