Street Cred’ Michelle says Obama’s Got Swag


by Jeannie DeAngelis

Recently, Michelle Obama granted her first BET interview to the hosts of 106 & Park, Bow Wow and Keshia Chante.

After being introduced as the “personification of grace and beauty,” writer/lawyer/first lady Mrs. Obama made a grand entrance in biker leathers as a screeching Beyoncé filled the screen behind her, jumping around to “Move Your Body.”

After informing her hosts that the Beyoncé video was her music and that on the day the video was taped there were “flash mobs across the world,” Mrs. Obama spent a goodly amount of time speaking about her youth, her aspirations, and her husband Barry’s unimpeachable swag.

As part of the interview, the first lady was shown three extremely unattractive photographs of herself and was then asked, “What would you tell that girl?”

For the first picture, Michelle shifted into her predictable ‘I was afraid I wasn’t smart or bright enough’ routine. She followed that up with the “Failure is the key to success” bit, which is something her husband knows a thing or two about.

For the second photo, the FLOTUS told the BET audience that despite their lack of confidence, one day even they could be president or first lady.

The third and final picture was Michelle and her senior prom date, which inspired her to share ad nauseam her ‘we didn’t have much money, mom sewed the dress with the slit, I rode the bus three hours to school’ blather.

The girl in the picture also revealed that by the time the senior prom rolled around she was breathing a sigh of relief, because despite school counselors telling her that she wasn’t Princeton material and after admitting that she stunk in math and science, it turns out Princeton accepted her anyway.

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