Straight Talk for Race Hustlers and Racial Bigots Alike


One of my rules as a commentator is never write a column when angry. With this column I broke that rule. The burr under my saddle is this: I am fed up with two groups of low-life people— bigots and race hustlers. As far as I am concerned they are just opposite sides of the same coin, a coin that needs to be tossed on the ash heap of history. The time when Americans divided themselves on the basis of race should have been over long ago. Unfortunately, it isn’t—a sad fact that threatens the future of our country.

America will never reach its potential as a nation as long as we continue to behave like the Hatfields and McCoys over the issue of race. Abraham Lincoln was prophetic when he said words to the effect that a house divided will not stand. As long as America allows bigots on one hand and race hustlers on the other to set the standards concerning race we will remain a house divided. As long as we allow those who benefit from racial discord to control the narrative about race, we will continue to rob ourselves of the potential benefits of racial harmony.

Do you ever feel like grabbing America by the ear and shouting, “Would you please knock off all of this drama over race? I have had enough of race hating and race baiting. This is 2015!” More and more I find myself thinking these thoughts. These were my thoughts when young and stupid members of the SAE fraternity (my college fraternity) were taped singing a racist song that sounded like something from a 1950s Ku Klux Klan meeting. Then I had the same thoughts again when two police officers were shot recently in Ferguson, Missouri. If only we could gather up all of the bigots and race hustlers in America, put them in a giant-sized boxing ring, and let them duke it out.
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