Stop Whining: Victimhood helps No One- Get over It


Does it seem to you that a lot of people in America want to be victims of some sort? Victimhood is fast replacing rugged individualism as the defining characteristic of the American people. Alexis de Tocqueville would cringe at what America has become since he wrote his landmark book in praise of our nation. The America de Tocqueville wrote about in American Democracy was a nation of self-sufficient, can-do people who sought opportunity, took personal responsibility, and refused to make excuses. But that was then and this is now. It seems to me that the America of today is fast becoming a nation of whiners where entitlement is replacing entrepreneurship and victimhood is replacing initiative.

Too many Americans are now finger pointers whose lives are spent blaming others for the bad choices they make themselves. It seems that many people in America not only like to make excuses for failing, they like to blame others for their problems; problems that are often self-inflicted. Unfortunately, the only person not blamed for the problems of whiners is the one person who could actually do something about them; the proverbial man in the mirror. As I hear Americans whining, complaining, and pointing the finger of blame, I sometimes want to shout: “Of course you face difficulties, who doesn’t? Life isn’t fair—never has been, never will be. Get over it!” Whiners in our society need to stop complaining, finger pointing, and making excuses and do something positive to improve their lives and their communities.”

I understand the concept of resentment. We are all susceptible to it, which is why God gave us the Tenth Commandment—he knew our nature. When we see people who are better off materially it is easy to become resentful and to covet what they have. To this day, even though I know better, I find myself resenting those who are born to wealth. Unmerited, unearned prosperity sticks in my craw no matter how hard I try to shake off this counterproductive attitude. People who start at the bottom and build better lives by dint of personal initiative and hard work—the proverbial rags-to-riches types—are the kind of people I admire. And they are the kind of people who made America great. But I learned a long time ago that resenting others won’t help me or anyone else.

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