Stealing America: The Left’s Blueprint for Taking Over Red States


by Pamela Anne

“Colorado. . . . A microcosm of the forces destabilizing American politics.”—Ronald Brownstein, National Journal

Colorado has been a centerpiece of political and editorial attention for a while. In fact, just before the last election, an upstate N.Y. published an editorial piece, titled “Politics of exclusion”. It ascribed Colorado’s culture clash to the tea party and GOP and attributed their opposition to the fear of social change; specifically fear of the “new norm”.

Why, I asked myself, is a N.Y. newspaper’s locally-minded editorial column focusing on Colorado rather than local elections? The editorial was a hit piece, primarily against the tea party. What elevated my Constitutional radar was the author’s intentional or blinded disregard of the Democratic-dominated legislature’s policies that led to overregulation, overspending, and the gun control laws that were massively unpopular and the primary catalyst to voter resistance. Instead, the piece framed the Right as being unable to accept this new norm, which was brought about by the state’s changing demographics; that the changing values should be accepted by long time residents without further debate to their needs or concerns.

Candace Reed, a politically active tea party member now living in Louisiana is a former Colorado resident. Reed says, “Colorado has been ‘Californicated’ and Hispanics have moved there in droves. The same is happening to Texas!” As such, she explained, the whole dynamics of the State changed, resulting in a democratically elected majority in the legislature.

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