States: Time to Man Up to a Lawless Federal Government


by Jan Morgan

When leaders in your Federal Government:
1) consistently violate the law
2) show a complete disregard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights
3) Refuse to answer We the People who question their actions in Congressional hearings
4) Bully the state’s citizens with para-military, Gestapo style raids by armed agents in non-violent crime investigations
5) LIE under oath
6) Arm Mexican Drug Cartels while attempting to restrict or disarm law abiding American citizens

It is time to limit the power of the Federal Government, take back state control of our land currently under federal control, and cease to allow federal authorities jurisdiction over our state’s people.

I am NOT calling for an armed revolt.. I am asking the people of our states to elect governors, sheriffs, and state legislators who understand state’s rights and have to courage to stand up to the federal government to represent the citizens of your states rather than cowering behind closed doors while federal bullies come in and trample the Constitutional rights of citizens.

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