How States Can Stop Same-Sex Marriage: Interposition of the Lesser Magistrate


The Doctrine of the Interposition of the Lesser Magistrate is rooted in the historic Christian doctrine of interposition. Interposition is that calling of God which causes a person to step into the gap and willingly place himself between the oppressor and his intended victim.

When the higher magistrate or authority imposes its unjust, immoral laws or policies, then the lesser magistrate or authority has the duty and responsibility to interpose himself between the people and the corrupt higher magistrate or authority in order to stop his tyrannical laws. The lesser magistrate or authority also acts in defense of the rule of law, and prevents the just judgment of God which would occur if the unjust, tyrannical law were imposed.

The prototype of the Doctrine of the Interposition of the Lesser Magistrate was the American Revolution. The colonial leaders interposed themselves between the colonists and the tyrannical English King, George III. This doctrine gave our Christian Forefathers the Biblical basis to oppose the English King and Parliament.
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