State Dept. Boozes it up on Your Dime


by Allen West

As reported in the Washington Times, while the rest of the government was shutting down, the State Department was busy stocking up on booze for the embassies. In September alone the State Department spent about $180,000 on liquor for a grand total of more than $400,000 for the year, more than three times the entire liquor tab for all of 2008. According to the Washington Times:

The liquor bill, split among purchase orders placed at embassies around the world, included some major last-minute pre-shutdown splurges:

• $5,625 in “gratuity wine” at the embassy in Rio de Janeiro on Sept. 29, followed by $5,925 in “gratuity whiskey” on the day the shutdown began.

• $22,416 in wine at the embassy in Tokyo.

• $15,900 in bourbon and whiskey in Moscow.

It’s not unusual for U.S. embassies to serve alcohol at diplomatic events under Democratic and Republican administrations alike — but the booze bill has grown enormously since Obama’s inauguration in 2008.

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