State Defies Obama’s Unconstitutional Federal Order


North Carolina has been embroiled in controversy for the last month or so due to the debate over transgender bathroom policy; now the debate has been escalated by the Obama administration.

Earlier this week we learned that the Obama Justice Department would be pressing forward in an effort to cow North Carolina into submission. However, that process was slowed when North Carolina replied by defiantly countersuing the administration for their oppression.

Now, President Obama himself has stepped in with his unlawful, unconstitutional order that every public school across the nation comply with his immoral transgender policies.

Sign the Petition and tell Your State Officials to Stand Up Against the Unconstitutional Obama Agenda

Thankfully, it seems that some politicians retain the backbone to fight back.

Read more at Eagle Rising

Meanwhile Conservative Firing line reports that the Family Research Council is supporting impeachment of Obama for this unconstitutional and unlawful edict for local schools to allow any gender to enter any restroom on a whim and a wink that they’re “identifying” as transgender.

Read more at Conservative Firing line


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