Standing Ovation for Race Baiting Speech Against Stand Your Ground Law


For those who did not know the source of Holder’s race chip that influences the Justice Department’s racially charged biased interventions, he clarified it repeatedly in this speech at an NAACP event.

Of course, he found the perfect audience to support his “we are so oppressed” mentality and the crowd acknowledged this with standing ovations and repeated applause.

The Zimmerman case was not about Stand Your Ground… nor was it about Racial Profiling.

There was never any evidence presented to support racial profiling by Zimmerman.

This is not politically correct, and I will be blasted for saying it, but I don’t care:

I have always believe the NAACP is a racist organization, based on its name. I feel any organization that uses race as a basis for its agenda, is indisputably racist. Period…

I would never join, support or speak at an event involving an organization called the National Association for the Advancement of White People, Yellow people, Red people.. etc..

Here’s Holder’s speech…. I could only stomach part of it.

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