Stalked: Worried About Big Brother? What About LITTLE Brother?


As I watched NSA hearings today, I listened to the NSA reps talk about how there were safeguards in place to prevent abuse of their surveillance privileges. I knew I could no longer be silent about the truth behind surveillance rights and just how easy it is to circumvent the system to invade our lives.

I was stalked because safeguards for Government surveillance are inadequate. If this happend to me, it can happen to YOU.

NSA surveillance to prevent terrorism is one thing, but how would you feel if your local law enforcement agency had the same kind of access to your private cell phone, email, social media, and gps locations?

I was told by a local level law enforcement officer that he and other officers are circumventing the safeguards and abusing equipment and surveillance privileges in their agencies for personal reasons that have nothing to do professional investigations.

This access is being used to stalk women, check on their wives, and gain information on personal enemies. It is unconstitutional, illegal, and will lead to a police state in this country.

How do I know this is occurring? I know, because I am a victim of police stalking and the officer was foolish enough to reveal to me how he knew what was in my text messages, the photos stored in my cell phone, actual private conversations I had on my phone, and emails.

I am sharing this today because the nation is in the midst of discovering just how much of our personal lives our federal government has access to through data mining. How would you feel if you knew local and state law enforcement might have the same kind of access? Apparently there are safeguards in place that are designed to prevent abuse of the system, however, wherever there are human beings, there is corruption and if there is a way to circumvent the safeguards, the corrupt will find it.

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