The Squeaky Wheel of Liberal Rage


by Becky Kress

Why is it that every time someone of a conservative nature expresses their beliefs, the liberal left goes into a ravenous rage and instigates a witch hunt? Aren’t they the ones who speak of tolerance? Aren’t they the compassionate ones who want us all to sing Kumbaya in a group hug around the campfire? As much as they want to portray themselves as the peaceful protesters who just want a better America, what they really want is an amoral America where conservatives and Christians cannot make them feel the burden of their sins. There is no right or wrong. Only you can set your moral compass.

Phil Robertson, the long bearded matriarch of the Robertson clan on Duck Dynasty, has enraged the left by expressing his Christian beliefs regarding homosexuality and other perversions. According to the left, this is vile hate speech that cannot be tolerated. As a result, A&E has suspended Phil indefinitely. As the saying goes, the squeakiest wheel gets the oil. They are a small minority of the country, but they scream like little girls at the top of their lungs and you’ll do anything to shut them up.

But the father figure of the Duck Dynasty clan is not the first conservative to express negative opinions about amoral behavior. In February of 2012 Rush Limbaugh told his audience that Sandra Fluke wanted tax payers to pay for her birth control because she was going broke paying for it herself. According to Limbaugh, that makes her a slut, a prostitute, because she wants tax payers to pay for her to have sex. The thirty year old professional student testified before Congress that it cost a law student $3,000.00 for birth control, and later admitted she did not know that Target sold the pill for $9.00 a month. She can do enough research to testify before Congress but cannot find the commonly found inexpensive birth control she desperately needs? Limbaugh was, of course, attacked from the left, lost several advertisers who bowed to pressure from the LGBT community, and ended up having to apologize for expressing his honest opinion that Fluke was a slut. MSNBC, CBS, NBC and ABC covered the story extensively, attacking Limbaugh viciously.

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