SPREAD THE WORD: ClashDaily’s “Church Camo for Phil” This Sunday, Dec. 22



In case you haven’t heard – which we doubt you haven’t – Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty star, was suspended from the A&E channel for comments he made in a GQ interview about homosexuality.

So, in support of the Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson, and his stance for traditional values, we here at Clash Daily have decided to announce this Sunday as “Church Camo for Phil Sunday”.

When you go to church this Sunday with your family, make sure you guys are all decked out in your best camo gear to show support for Phil Robertson’s freedom of speech.

When you take pictures for social media, tag them with the hashtag, #ChurchCamoForPhil, on Twitter (@Doug_Giles) and Instagram so that everyone in America can see your support. If you use Facebook, make sure to ‘Like’ ClashDaily.com with Doug Giles and then tag us in your pictures. We will compile the best pictures and feature them on ClashDaily.com!

Make sure you also give us your e-mail address and enter our contest to get a chance to win our Duck Dynasty giveaway!

Let’s show the liberal media that there are still people in America who stand for traditional marriage! Get your best camo ready!

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