Spencer Stone Stabbing: What Media Didn’t Tell You:


I spoke with the owner of the store the day after the stabbing. The owner (John) told me that while he didn’t see the attack, there was more to the story than was being told by police & news media. He spoke of a second video, taken with a cell phone, that wasn’t released. The owner said that a police officer who manages the surveillance camera may have shot the other video. He said that police took both videos.

I interviewed an employee of A&P Liquors the next night, and another the following night. Neither saw the attack, even though one of them was working the night of the assault on Stone. I returned to the store two nights later and spoke with an employee who was working the night of the attack, and had witnessed the entire ordeal from outside the establishment.

The employee, Eric Cain, said that he first saw a woman being slapped by one of the Asian males who would later stab Airman Stone. Apparently, this is when Stone got involved, in order to defend thewoman.

Most media does not report the fact that the woman Stone was defending, was actually with his attackers.

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