The Speaker Survives A Squeaker


With the largest majority since 1928, hopes are high for Republicans to help right a ship that’s been adrift in a sea of lawlessness.

But first, the GOP has some challenges of its own to overcome — including a sharp divide over who should lead that charge and how. After about 48 hours of intense lobbying and behind the scenes meetings, John Boehner (R-Ohio) managed to keep his job as House Speaker when a majority of those present and voting selected him as leader. Over the past couple years, disagreements over spending, amnesty, and ObamaCare had driven a deep wedge between Republicans — deep enough for the grassroots to notice.

In a poll released this week, a whopping 60 percent of GOP voters thought Republicans should have selected a stronger conservative Speaker, one more willing to go to bat against the President’s agenda. That helped turn what was supposed to be a drama-free Speaker re-election into a full-blown battle against the status quo.
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