Soy Sauce Casualties are Real and Preventable


A man is in a coma today. He didn’t hit his head or get into a car accident. He drank soy sauce. On a dare. Face palm.

He wasn’t actually attempting suicide, but apparently in ancient China, salt was used to commit suicide. Too much salt causes a condition called Hypernatremia, which causes the brain to lose water.
So, raise your hand if you wouldn’t be surprised by Bloomberg banning the salty goodness from Asian restaurants all over New York.

I wouldn’t be surprised one bit, either.

Why? Because politicians like Bloomberg and well, our President, subscribe to the idea that the more the government regulates, the better society will be.

One of my favorite moments at CPAC this past year, was when Sarah Palin whipped out her Big Gulp, essentially telling Bloomberg to…shove it.

These big-government pushers think that they need to be our parents. See, parents have every right to tell their kids they’re not allowed to drink a big gulp or date someone or sprinkle soy sauce on their sushi. But, Bloomberg does not!

I went on Huffington Post today to find (surprise surprise) some article saying that the GOP is “overreacting” to the White House scandalousness. People in the White House are responsible for misleading the American people about what went down in Benghazi, targeting conservatives, recording our phone calls – doing unthinkable things, and anyone who is concerned about it is being called a big baby.

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