Soviet Intelligence Officer: Liberation Theology Invented by KGB


Ion Mihai Pacepa served as a general in the USSR’s intelligence service before defecting to the United States in the late 70’s. He recently gave an interview to the Catholic News Agency in which he claimed that the Liberation Theology that has been so prevalent in Latin America for the last generation was a disinformation campaign that had its genesis at the highest levels of the Kremlin.

So what is Liberation Theology? Picture Karl Marx skipping around in priestly robes, sprinkling holy water all willy nilly, while calling for the oppressed poor to honor God by slaughtering those who have a dime more than they do. It’s what you hear out of Obama and HRC and Pelosi when they decide to wax Christianly. Communism in its Sunday-go-to-meetin’ clothes.

Pacepa’s claims are fascinating, if not easily verifiable. Some of the takeaway thoughts from the interview include:

  • Krushchev believed that Liberation Theology would be the vehicle that allowed him to go down in history as the man who successfully exported Communism to Central and South America.

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