Something We Have in Common with Libs


by Carly Hill

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On a recent Red Eye, Greg Gutfeld spoke on how we all know that the tolerant are the least tolerant among us. People who preach tolerance for all despise conservatives. Republicans. Christians.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Old news. But, Gutfeld asked a question that isn’t said by Conservative outlets. In an offhand remark that no one really discussed, Gutfeld asked, “Don’t we do the same thing?”

Ben Affleck recently told Playboy, “When I watch a guy I know is a big Republican, part of me thinks, I probably wouldn’t like this person if I met him, or we would have different opinions.”

I feel like most conservative pundits will hold that quote up and say “What a jerk. We are so divided. Yadda yadda.” But, I get what Affleck is saying completely. I know many liberals. Some are in my own family. And it’s not that I dislike them at all. I don’t! I love and like them all. However, if I was sitting in a Planned Parenthood lobby with a Pro-choice activist, I can pretty much tell you that I wouldn’t be getting BFF tattoos with them any time soon. Our personalities could click and we might have similar taste in movies, but it’s not any surprise that Conservatives and Liberals aren’t always pals.

It’s not because of economic policies or ballots, really. Left and right are LEFT and RIGHT when it comes to worldivews. Liberals and conservatives view the world through two totally different lenses. What one side thinks is freedom of choice, another side thinks is murder. Think about that. Our differences are mega-intense.

Gutfeld reported that Katy Perry recently said that she banned her parents from going to the Presidental Inauguration with her because they’re Republicans. This is not absurd to me either. If I was going to George W’s Inauguration, I would DEFINITELY not want to bring my liberal family members.

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