Socialism: POTUS Can’t Stop. POTUS Won’t Stop.


by Carly Hill

Raise your hand if you have ever fought for something you knew was wrong…just to save face. If we’re honest, we probably all have. Say you throw an idea out during a brainstorming sesh at work and you get enough support to have your boss approve it. Then, you see that it was, actually and practically a horrible idea. Are you going to take it back to your boss and coworkers and admit that you failed, or are you going to keep arguing that it’s awesome until it completely implodes?

Some of us, who have a little more humility and a sensitive conscience, might admit we’re wrong, but we all know people (and have all, at some point, probably been those people) who will defend something…simply because it was their idea or because they endorsed it before.

So, Obamacare is so much of a failure that even the liberalest of all libs are trashing it. Enrolling in it doesn’t even work, for goodness’ sake! I heard a Fox News pundit say that if the glitches really are because so many people are logged in at once, and you’re having to wait on the website, imagine what it’s going to be like to wait for an actual doctor….while you’re bleeding internally or something.

Even the most stubborn liberals are saying, “Look – let’s delay this thing and GET IT RIGHT. What is the rush?”

I am so strongly against the whole idea of Obamacare for so many reasons, but if we’re going to forced into this corner, no matter how hard we fight, at least change it so that people who don’t want it don’t have to buy into it! If there are people out there (which there obviously are) who are all yay-socialism-yay-socialized healthcare, then hey – go for it. But don’t make me go for it. Where’s the American freedom in that?

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