Socialism, JFK and Chelsea Clinton scrubbing


If these people love socialism so much, maybe they should move? Why do we have to change this country?

Ask not what your country can do for you… JFK would never make it in the Democrat Party today.

Jesse Watters interviews regular folks about Bernie Sanders to find out what they really know about socialism.

Did Chelsea Clinton erase servers during postpartum depression?

Satanists stage a counter-protest outside Michigan Planned Parenthood.

Hr2 Satanists stage a counter-protest outside Michigan Planned Parenthood saying they want to “End forced motherhood.” They missed the point. The issue isn’t “should abortion be legal.” The issue is… “is Planned Parenthood doing something illegal?”

Old Dominion University Sigma Nu fraternity posts 3 sexually suggestive banners aimed at freshman girls arriving on campus.

Only cure for discrimination is MORE discrimination? Professor says black votes should be weighted heavier than white votes. Reparations.

Hr3 You can give them all the money in the world, but it won’t change a welfare mentality.

LGBTQ groups respond to Christian bakers’ who sent them cakes as an act of goodwill. “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” was fined $135,000 for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

Liberal mayors in several cities have plans for a Ramadan Unity dinner on 9/11 anniversary… because this was the ONLY day they could do it??

Gun sales spike in Detroit. Police Chief says crime is going down. Shocker!

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