Socialism and “Tall Poppy Syndrome”


Socialism does not only produce collectivist, egalitarian oppression of the individual. It is, by nature, envy-choked, with its agenda requiring deep divisions.

Without doubt, envy stands as the most corrosive element of human nature. To encourage or foster it among a citizenry has disastrous consequence. The ideal of unity, the ideal primary objective of any national leader, is a casualty of socialism. The ideal of human achievement is similarly rendered either impossible, unlikely or undesirable, by a leftist agenda.

It will then, with these root philosophical causes in mind, occasion little surprise to Americans to learn that their English-speaking cousins, and Western-European nations, possess the most unattractive tendency imaginable: resentment of others’ success.

Americans who travel to England or Australia or Germany are taken aback at how brutally unkind these cultures are to their public figures, how hateful they are toward anyone with a degree of success (genuine or perceived) or money, and how willing they are to ascribe an individual’s achievements to something other than their own ability. The Australia I grew up with, and still live in, is hostile to anyone with initiative, self-esteem and the ability to make money. In this sense, these cultures are profoundly leftist in the worst sense.

And these cultural instincts once ingrained do not stop at the door of personal political opinion; even conservatives in these nations cannot divorce themselves from them. To display individuality, to not conform, to make your own rules, equates to lack of recognition, at best, or steady personal and media assault, at worst. It explains the great brain drain of the West, which has for the last half-century flooded into the United States.

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