Social Responsibility and Violence in America


It must just be my twisted sense of what individual social responsibility is, but I feel that I am the only person in America that has any concept of the proposition that our out of control violent crime problem, especially as practiced by young male blacks, is a direct result of the disintegration of personal social responsibility. I am referring to the actions of individuals (color is not an element of this definition) that knowingly and willingly propagate offspring that they cannot and/or will not clothe, feed, educate, house and provide the other essential parental guidance necessary to produce a responsible and productive member of society.

Even more disgusting is the government’s promoting and financing as put in motion by L. B. Johnson’s “Great Society” and then since supported by the great majority of politicians of all parties so as to gain re-election (because the vote of these socially irresponsibles became an ever increasing percentage of the voters). Few seem to comprehend this transition of our culture away from the basic principles of our Constitution was and continues to be the foundation of the for the progressive’s plan to gain the momentum needed to put in place the messiah Obama so as to “fundamentally transform this nation”. Kudos to the Progressives, the Democrats and the Republicans that have been so smoothly duped into this degradation of the greatest nation on earth!

Why do I sense that no one feels as I do? Simple: according to current social standards it is perfectly OK for any female to get pregnant, have an abortion at public expense or give birth to the child at public expense, and then have the government provide all the necessities for that child (and the “mother”) and this is all in the context that the female has the right to do so! Hogwash! Also, the male impregnator has every right to get his jollies without interference or cost! Hogwash! But wait just one frigging minute! The irresponsible actions of these two humans aren’t the cause of the crimes committed by their offspring. No, according to all media sources from MSNBC to FOX the problems stem from a long list (take your pick):

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