“Social justice” Liberals Don’t Want Justice – They want your Money


“Social justice” has become as much a part of the liberal narrative in America as “choice.” Not surprisingly, neither concept actually means what the dictionary says it means. Both are just examples of the left’s nefarious habit of co-opting positive labels for their negative beliefs. Liberals know that if they call their foundational beliefs what they really are, the general public will be so offended by them that opposition will mount. Call abortion “murder” or “infanticide” or homosexuality “sodomy” and the practices sound much less attractive than what liberals call them: “choice” and “gay.” Which brings up an interesting point: If you can’t call something by its real name, you must be ashamed of it or embarrassed by it. But that is another article for another day.

What liberals mean when they use the term “social justice” is you have it and I want it without having to work for it. Concepts associated with so-called social justice are redistribution of wealth, higher taxes, and big government. Social-justice liberals think government is the answer and free-markets are the problem. Socialism is the preferred governance structure of social-justice advocates. Social justice liberals resent the perquisites of wealth enjoyed by business leaders, entrepreneurs, and others who reap the benefits of successfully investing their time, talent, and brains in the free market; not to mention the risks they take in accumulating their wealth.
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