Social Engineering: The Next Step in Government Overreach


One of my Facebook friends commented on a recent article I wrote about reports of a high school text book re-writing history, asking if it was strange that he wasn’t even mildly surprised. I replied, “Nothing surprises me anymore.” But, I spoke too soon.

So, what’s next? Social Engineering. Remember that scene in the Matrix where all the people of the world are lying unconscious in some tubes that look like they’re filled with formaldehyde, living virtual existences? (Was that The Matrix?) That’s the thought that’s coming to my mind. The Department of Housing and Urban Development is now allowing the federal government to, get this, track diversity in American neighborhoods and then create policies to change neighborhoods that they decide are “discriminatory.”

“Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” is what they’re calling it.

This one is a doosey. The government overreach we’ve seen seeping into every part of country’s laws and policies has become the Obama Administration’s trademark and legacy. In the name of equality, this administration has attempted to control and dictate how American people are supposed to live – from going after our right to bear arms, to forcing companies to go against their religion and finance abortions for employees, to making universal healthcare the law of the land, and on and on…

This housing thing is chilling. Not because diversity is a bad thing. I lived in Miami, Florida, for goodness’ sake. I’m no stranger to it. I love it! But, the chilling thing is that the government has gotten so bloated with power that it now thinks it has the authority to dictate where people will live or not live- all in the name of…you guessed it – equality.

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