Snowden: Nobody Likes a Tattle Tale…Except When They Do


Snowden this. Snowden that. Love him, hate him – he’s the talk of the town. In case you’ve been twiddling your thumbs or having a media fast or been preoccupied with Candy Crush rather than the news, here’s the scoop. Edward Snowden is the name on everyone’s lips. 29-year-old Edward, former CIA employee is responsible for the biggest intelligence leak in history as he went to a journalist to reveal the government secret that the NSA is recording all of our communication. My texts. Your phone calls. His internet searches. Her Skype call. The government is, in fact, watching us and Snowden blew the whistle.

In his own words, Snowden told the South China Morning Post Newspaper, “I am neither a traitor nor hero. I’m an American.”

One of my good friends, a solid Republican, is horrified by Snowden’s actions – calling him a traitor – saying he deserves punishment, etc. But then I’ve got other friends – the more libertarian-leaning who say, “Who the heck cares how Snowden went about breaking this news? Who cares if he broke the law – he was pointing out government corruption and a clear violation of the 4th amendment!”

YouTube’s Token Libertarian Girl, Julie Borowski, posted the following statement on her facebook:

“Some people, such as Erick Erickson, say that they disagree with Edward Snowden’s illegal methods (in their own words). They say he *should* have contacted Senator Rand Paul about the NSA program instead of The Guardian. Look, I like Rand. But, that would have made the story very partisan and politically charged. Do you think so many liberals and independents would be bashing the NSA program/ Obama administration’s policies if they heard about it from a super conservative Republican Senator? Most likely, they would ignore it because of the anti-Obama source. Only conservative and libertarian blogs would cover it and the story would die quickly without much discussion. This story is HUGE (thankfully) because Snowden went to a journalist instead of a Republican politician.”

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