Sneaky Snakes in Williamson County


by Victoria Jackson

When I first read this article about a local “well-funded conservative group’s secret game plan for Williamson County Schools” and read the list of secret activist members who want to keep “the ugly stuff private and out of the press”, I was intrigued. The names included in the list of sneaky snakes were my friends. The last time I met with my conservative friends, Debbie Deaver and candidates Candy Emerson, Susan Curlee, Dr. Beth Burgos and Paula Uhlir, we were addressing envelopes, (that doesn’t seem sneaky), at a round table, sipping lemon water. Most of us have never run for office before. It’s my first time. (WC Commissioner District 2) I have no strategy. I tell the truth. I bought 10 signs. 3 disappeared. I bought 3 more. I made up some glossy “push cards” as they are called, (Daren at UPS Cool Springs did a great job), with bullet points of what I believe in. I’m passing them out door to door. I have 3000 more doors to visit.

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