Too many in the West are not sufficiently noting or confronting the ongoing wars against Western nations because they do not recognize the blazes for what they are; namely, the igniting of World War III.  All the signs of yet another global war empowered by ideological fanaticism are in place.

The lines drawn by the Western powers in the Treaty of Versailles are considered meaningless to forces whose see themselves as the enablers of empire; who are intent on world domination and who have contempt for any peoples who do not share their religious/ideological bent. Largely because of the West’s spiritual enervation and naval gazing, particularly over the last seven years of the current administration, national brushfires have become uncontainable, jumping over national boundaries into neighboring countries into international conflicts that acknowledge no boundaries. National identities and even formerly stable blocks of nations such as Europe are in danger of disappearing under the onslaught of those intent on establishing supranational entities; namely, empires.

Thus we see in the Middle Eastern theatre of war the rise of ISIS and similarly vicious, ideologically driven organizations whose goal is to eliminate all national boundaries in order a new world order defined by their version of the Muslim faith, which is to prevail over all others.  All Middle Eastern nations are threatened with the extinction radical Islamists believe is necessary to establish a new caliphate.  Meanwhile, Christians in the West remain paralyzed by a pacifist theology that apparently believes the martyrs’ blood is the seed of the Church rather than an indication of both its immanent extinction and a powerful call to fight for survival.

Coinciding with the phenomenon that is ISIS, in a bid to increase the reach of its empire, Russia is presently invading Syria with ground troops, but not necessarily to save Syria. Russia’s goal is not to re-establish Middle Eastern nations’ boundaries or to establish internal order that would ensure durability of those nations, but to expand her dominance.  Russia’s drive in the Middle East is similar to the way she expanded her power during and after World War II, when Stalin made the decision to put the nations of Eastern Europe under Soviet domination.  In a similar manner, Russia is expanding her power in Crimea and Ukraine, both of which she considers part of the Russian Empire.
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