by Edwin Leap

While Christmas shopping with my wife, I was carrying my Smith and Wesson J-frame .38 in my front jeans pocket. It disappeared nicely and was further covered by my barn-coat.

We walked to the front door of the mall, only to find the sign. You know the sign, the one with a gun in a circle with a slash. ‘No concealed weapons allowed.’ (As an aside, I always wonder, as a gun afficianado, if they just mean the one drawn in the picture. No Glocks? Fine, I have a revolver. No 1911 style pistols? No worries, I don’t own one.)

I dutifully took my weapon back to the car and stowed it safely away. But not without grumbling to my wife. We all know how ridiculous this is. The sign, meant to keep gang-bangers, thugs and various violent criminals from carrying weapons in public does nothing of the sort. Nevertheless, I abide by the law.

However, as I considered the lunacy of the law that allows businesses to impose such requirements on the lawful, I had some other thoughts about dangerous things that ought to be kept out of public venues.

Perhaps there should be a sign that says ‘no one with a history of violent mental illness allowed.’ It’s pretty clear that the gun isn’t the main problem if you happen to be crazy and dangerous. Although obviously a bit difficult to enforce, it sure would send a message, wouldn’t it? Admittedly, it would result in untold lawsuits about equal access and disability. But concealed carry is legal as well, and ‘don’t you care about the children?’ Or something like that. Although designing a symbol might be difficult. A circle around a nut, with a line through it?

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