Sign of The Apocalypse? Dan Rather Teaching Course In Finding the Truth in the News


REPENT! The End is Near…or at least pretty close.

How can I be so sure? Well, one of the largest and most famous online education platforms is hosting a class on Journalism & Finding the Truth in the News..and who is teaching the class? Dan Rather a man who lost his job for reporting a fake story.

According to the course catalog

A leader in the industry to this day, Dan Rather explains how objective truth is in peril more than ever before. Moreover, he provides actions you can take now to help ensure that journalism continues to serve its key role in a well-functioning democracy.

HUH? Dan Rather? Objective truth in peril? Leader to this day?  Maybe they are describing a different Dan Rather. Perhaps the UDEMY people never heard of the scandal that cost Rather his career. Or maybe they didn’t read a newspaper during the 2004 election season..those are the only excuses I can think of to rationalize them using rather for such a course, and calling him a leader in the industry.


Rathergate as the scandal is called , turned out to be the largest, most damaging journalism scandals since television began broadcasting news. Brian Williams may have pumped up his resume, but Dan Rather presented a report that was an out-and-out lie, and almost changed the results of a presidential election.

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