Show Canceled: White Women Aren’t Good Enough


Southwestern University cancels plans for the “Vagina Monologues.” Why? They’re too white. Better to focus ONLY on ‪women‬ of color than ‪‎white‬ women. So now they’ll host a performance of “We are Women” which focuses on women of color. How is it better to put down white women in preference to “color”? Isn’t it still discrimination?

Remember when ‪schools‬ taught kids that ‪‎police‬ were authority figures you could trust? No more! Now they’re teaching about ‪‎police brutality and giving kids a reason to fear cops‬. Do you think there’s another lesson showing how statistics about lives saved or citizens aided? Doubtful.

Instructor suspended for criticizing another instructor who squelched free speech and open discussion of the controversial topic of “gay marriage.” Notice, he didn’t take a side one way or the other on the topic. He simply said that the students should be allowed to discuss both sides of the issue. And for that… he was suspended. If you’re not concerned about this, why aren’t you? This is a frightening trend toward Communism.

Just 3 days after the Brussels terror attack, it happens again. This time in Baghdad, Iraq. ISIS has killed at least 29 and injured nearly 60 others at a football stadium. And we have ISIS under control?

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