Should We Judge a Candidate’s Religious-ness?


Some Christians are trying to rally other Christians to pray against a Donald Trump presidency, because he’s not really acting like a Christian. Are you really supposed to pray against your Christian brothers and sisters? And are you really supposed to judge their Christianity?

I’m not willing to take a stand on Donald Trump’s Christianity one way or the other. That’s God’s job!

#BlackLivesMatter activist at Missouri University says, “People vowing to protect the Constitution are vowing to protect white supremacy & genocide.”

18-yr-old charged for impersonating Ohio senator at local high school. So much for security. And shouldn’t these administrators be answering some serious questions about their failure to crosscheck and verify?

Pamela Geller said she receives death threats from Muslims on her Facebook page regularly, but reporting them to Facebook does no good. They tell her it doesn’t violate their standards.

Justice Ginsburg says pro-life laws are a ‘crying shame’ because they only make it harder for poor women to get abortions, saying women of means will always be able to get one.

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