Should Liberal Utopians Get the Jews Out of Europe Now?


In this month’s Atlantic Jeffrey Goldberg writes a sobering article that tries to answer the titled question, “Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?” The essay is in depth and frightening. I would never assume that I know more of the subject than Goldberg and would never ever show little respect for his opinion and skills. But…

It strikes me that Goldberg obscures an obvious point. Six words in the introduction caught my eye and, perhaps, led me to a read it with more suspicion than the column deserved. Here is that introduction:

For half a century, memories of the Holocaust limited anti-Semitism on the Continent. That period has ended—the recent fatal attacks in Paris and Copenhagen are merely the latest examples of rising violence against Jews. Renewed vitriol among right-wing fascists and new threats from radicalized Islamists have created a crisis, confronting Jews with an agonizing choice.

Did it hit you as well? Renewed vitriol among right-wing fascists… just didn’t sit well with me. It made me uncomfortable, if I were a university student today I might take offense at those words and demand The Atlantic, Jeffery Goldberg, his wife, his family, and pet poodle banned from campus.   Regardless of what liberal historians, constructionists, or de-constructionists say, the holocaust incorporated ideas drawn from the progressive left. Look no further than the eugenic aspect of German liberal authoritarianism.
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