Shocking Study Reveals “Day Without a Woman” Funded by George Soros


Maybe it’s not so-shocking to learn that the money behind the recent spate of “women’s” protests against… life, have been funded by the guy who funds every liberal cause he can find, but it may shock you to learn just how much he’s paid to drum up all of these recent protests.

The brilliant minds at the Media Research Center did the hard work of digging through the financial information and they found that globalist billionaire George Soros poured a quarter of a BILLION dollars into 100 of the groups that were taking part in the “Women’s March” protests recently.

The Media Research Center’s Business division analyzed the groups involved in the Women’s March and found that the march’s most-important supporters were backed by Soros. Key findings include:

  • Partners Received More Than $246 Million From George Soros: 100 of the 544 Women’s March partners received a total of $246,637,217 from Soros between 2000 and 2014. Soros gave more than $1 million to 36 of those partners, including the Center for Reproductive Rights,, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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