Sheriff to Legislators: I Refuse to Enforce Your Unconstitutional Gun Law


As things develop in Josephine County concerning the Bureau of Land Management’s threats against the owners of the Sugar Pine mine in southern Oregon, the sheriff of that county said that neither he nor his office would enforce a state law, which legislators are attempting to pass that would expand background checks to include private sales.

Senate Bill 941, a 23-page-monstrosity that completely oversteps the authority of government against the people, is called the Oregon Firearms Safety Act. The bill was passed by the Oregon senate on Tuesday by a vote of 17-13. It will now head to the House, where Socialist Democrats believe it will have a swift and easy passage.

Politicians were also called out by the Oregon Firearms Federation for not being truthful with those they serve.

“The Senate debate proved that supporters of SB 941 did not read it or were willing to lie about it,” the organization wrote on its website. “Senator Prozanski said you would be able to loan a firearm to someone to go hunting, but that’s not true unless you were with them at the time they were hunting. He said the bill would not prevent a transfer to a person who was 18 to 21. That is also false. This bill is riddled with contradictions and unenforceable provisions.”
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