Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Ask Supreme Court to Stop Obama’s Usurpation of Congress


Several years ago, over 200 citizens of Maricopa County, Arizona petitioned County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, to investigate Barack Obama’s eligibility to run for and hold the office of president. The task was given to the sheriff’s Cold Case Posse who after months of investigation found overwhelming evidence that indicated Obama’s birth certificate presented by the White House was a forgery and constituted fraud.

Not long after Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo, lead investigator for the Cold Case Posse, made their first announcement about their findings Obama launched a barrage of attacks against Sheriff Joe and the sheriff’s department. For the past three years Obama and his Justice Department puppets have been attacking Arpaio in an effort to destroy his career and run him out of law enforcement.

Now Sheriff Joe is mounting his own attack against Barack Obama that could result in destroying Obama’s illegal immigration actions. With the help of attorney Larry Klayman, Arpaio has filed a lawsuit against Obama claiming that his executive actions on immigration are a direct violation of the US Constitution. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed his lawsuit stating that Arpaio had no issue of standing to bring the lawsuit against the executive leader.
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