Shellie Zimmerman Innocent of Perjury – Another Kangaroo Trial Starts


It turns out Shellie Zimmerman didn’t lie to prosecutors last year, about her and George’s finances during his bond proceedings, after all–and the case filed against her for alleged perjury is as malicious and full of holes as was the attempted railroading of her husband.

Not only that, but the whole reason for charging Shellie, at the time they did, was merely to have it hanging ominously over both of the Zimmermans–to have more grave threat and stress brought upon their family, in addition to the trumped-up 2nd degree murder charge George faced, so prosecutors could bring that much more leverage pressure in their gambit of trying to get George to cop a guilty plea deal.

It didn’t work, thank goodness.

A few days ago I was reminded that Shellie’s case was about to get underway. I had been under the mistaken impression that Shellie did try to mislead the court, so I started thinking I was going to write my column about how it is morally excusable to hide information from corrupt officials when they are not only criminally violating your husband’s rights by prosecuting him based on no evidence and for a shameful political agenda, but also that it’s okay to attempt whatever means to protect one’s mate when the authorities do absolutely nothing about the race-terrorists of the New Black Panther Party declaring an illegal bounty on his head on national television, and so on…

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