Sharpton’s Goal: To Spawn A Culture Of Hatred Toward Police Officers?


I hope Al Sharpton and his fellow race hustlers—including the mainstream media—are proud of themselves. They have certainly accomplished what I suspect has been one of their goals all along: to spawn a culture of hatred toward police officers in America. Since Al Sharpton, aided and abetted by the mainstream media, began portraying police as out-of-control vigilantes with an ax to grind against innocent black men, sworn officers have had a target painted on their backs. I doubt it’s just coincidence that the number of cop killings increased by 24 percent this year to a total of 126 (this number includes federal, local, state, tribal, and territorial officers killed in the line of duty). This number is just 30 below the all-time high number of 1973.

In the aftermath of the media circus in Ferguson, Missouri and the protest marches in New York, there have been several cop killings and attempted cop killings across America. Further, police officers report an upsurge in disrespectful comments from people on the street. The growing culture of hatred and disrespect for police officers specifically and authority in general are a sad testament to the effectiveness of the nefarious work of Al Sharpton, his supporters in the media, and a longlist of others who must take their share of the blame for this destructive culture.

In Ferguson a police officer shot and killed Michael Brown. Sharpton was quick to insert himself into the situation and portray Brown as an innocent young teen just minding his own business when he was brutally assaulted by an out-of-control police officer. The media went along with Sharpton constantly referring to Brown as an “unarmed teen” and displaying the most positive photos they could find of him, ala Trayvon Martin. Of course, the world soon learned that Brown was anything but an innocent young teen.
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