Sharia Law Coming to a Swimming Pool Near You


by Michele Hickford

Growing up down south we used to play a game called “boiled frog.” The key was understanding that you do not take a frog and dump it into a pot of hot water. You place the frog into a large pot of cold water and allow it to be comfortable and flop around. The you begin to slowly turn up the heat so the frog is unaware of the subtle change in temperature gradient, and is eventually boiled.

And so it shall be with the infiltration of sharia or Islamic law, into the United States. Thanks to the website, “Creeping Sharia” we have a another stealthy example. It seems that in Minnesota — St. Paul to be exact — the YMCA and St. Paul Police are accommodating the burgeoning Somali Muslim community.

There have been previous reports from the Minneapolis/ St Paul area regarding Muslim taxi drivers who refused fares to individuals with dogs or carrying alcoholic beverages from the airport. I also recall an instance where a Muslim cashier worker at a Target store refused to touch pork products for scanning and bagging.

Now, as written in the Star Tribune by Nicole Norfleet, the YMCA and police have started a swim group for young Somali girls ages 5-17. The issue is that special considerations are being made to address modesty concerns so that the Muslim girls can swim and not reveal too much of themselves.

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