The Sexiest Douchebag Alive


by Joe Wurzelbacher

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I find it hilariously ironic that the smartest, smoothest, best communicator on planet earth – Barack Obama – must resort to enlisting People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” to sell his piece of crap healthcare takeover to the American public.

Keep in mind, the President knows he’s only shooting at the citizenry he believes would react instinctively to the uber-tattooed Adam Levine, who fronts the band ‘Maroon 5′. (Am I the only one who flashes back to childhood memories of Bugs Bunny saying; “What a maroon…”?) I don’t pretend to speak for this generation which Barack Obama is depending on signing up for and forming the core of financial support for the Affordable Care Act..

.. I only know they cannot be this stupid.

This reminds me of the effort some years ago when Bruce Springsteen gave a concert and offered free admission (or something like that) if young people registered to vote, ostensibly for the Party and candidate he blabbered on and on about onstage. They didn’t care. They just wanted Bruce to stfu and sing Born to Run and then stfu and sing Thunder Road. If you click on his mouth, you’ll go to a thoughtful article about his thoughtful politics. I swear..

Now, the “Chosen” one has enlisted Mr. Tattoo (lucky he landed that singing gig, eh?), Tatyana Ali (Ashley from “Fresh Prince”!), Fran Drescher (ironically, she was “The Nanny”) and actor Kal Penn (guy who quit the show “House” to work for Obama) to ” to spice up Obamacare” as Bloomberg describes it. The slick PR campaign features webisodes, rap songs, live streaming, social media – man; these kids have these kids covered! See what I did there? Get it? Covered? ..Oh, forget it.

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