Setting the Stage for Martial Law


Last weekend, the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March was commemorated in Washington, D.C., in front of the Capitol, led by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who organized both the original 1995 march and this year’s offering, themed “Justice or Else.”

I’ll leave the implications of that phrase to the reader.

In a tedious, disjointed oratory liberally peppered with references to slavery and William Lynch (1742–1820; he is generally accepted as the source of the term “lynching”), Farrakhan went from reminding the audience of their own sins before God and that a person is not truly “liberated” until they can forgive, to analogizing the lives of black Americans in 2015 to that of plantation slaves and calling for decisive action to free them from that “bondage.”

In truth, white Marxists started this fire, and white liberals enrolled blacks into the belief that they are entitled to be perpetually embittered for past injustices. Whites and nonwhites of good conscience but little nerve allowed the fire to become a conflagration by failing to extinguish it.

It is profoundly disturbing that a foul creature like Louis Farrakhan is seen as a genuine advocate by many black Americans. It is sickening that caricatures such as Anthea Butler are advanced professionally and accepted as legitimate educators. It is perverse that entertainers like Kanye West and Azealia Banks are granted forums to disparage this nation after making fortunes here as purveyors of malignant art.
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