Serving As An Election Judge: A One Day Commitment to Honest Voting


When big money is at stake, some of our fellow fallen human beings are tempted to cheat — and a favorite past-time for many politicos is tampering with voting and election results. In the days of computer tabulating, games can be played just as easily as they were in the days of the “hanging chad.”

This isn’t to indict one party over the other since both D’s and R’s have been caught playing illegal games. Suffice it to say that the party that more often cheers fast-growing government and higher taxes is filled with people with a special interest in what takes place inside the polling places. It’s called the profit motive.

This is why one of the most important jobs on election day is that of the Election Judge. It can make for a long day — since their duties start before the polling place opens and ends well after the polls close. Depending upon which precinct and in which county you serve, pay can range from just under a hundred dollars a day to, with training, upwards of a hundred and fifty or more.

As someone who has served several times as an Election Judge, I can report that while it’s not a difficult job, it is a serious one — so serious, in fact, that you are legally an officer of the Circuit Court. Here’s the Illinois State Board of Elections summary:
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