The Sense of Service and Sacrifice of the Left (or lack thereof)


by Carolyn Elkins

It’s Veterans Day in the US and Remembrance Day in Canada and Britain, and while I fully intend to spend this day in thoughtful remembrance of those who have sacrificed so much to keep us free, I have to first get a few things off my mind when it comes to liberals and their twisted sense of what sacrifice and service is.

First there was Barbara Boxer a few years ago during a Senate hearing when she said to Brigadier Gen. Michael Walsh, “Do me a favor; call me Senator instead of ma’am. It’s just a thing, I worked so hard to get that title…”

While that was just vain and foolish, some rhetoric is downright vicious. Consider this; MSNBC’s Ed Shultz on his radio show had a caller on who was trying to talk about Obamacare. The caller happened to be a Veteran himself, and didn’t see eye to eye with Shultz, who went into a disgusting tirade in which he hurled the most incredulous insults at his caller. I want to focus on the last thing Shultz yelled at the caller before hanging up on him:

“Oh, OK. Yeah, well you know what? My tax dollars supplied you with your benefit. Right? See ya. I don’t want to deal with you. I just don’t.” At this point Shultz hangs up, saying, “Veterans, I don’t know who got in between their ears to make them think that the Republicans are their best friend. It drives me nuts. It drives me nuts. I admit it.”

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