Senator Mike Lee to Introduce Legislation to Protect Religious Organizations


In recent years, committed religious Americans and the organizations they support have come under withering fire from the liberal social issues crusade. Whether it’s from the LGBT fascists who would kill any dissent to their worldview and “morality,” or it’s from progressive organizations like the SPLC or the ACLU seeking to shut conservatives and religious people out of the national conversation. Conservative religious folk have come under extreme pressure for their no longer mainstream beliefs.

While the attacks on individual citizens have become common knowledge among conservatives, it’s the attacks on religious organizations that may actually be the more dangerous and immediate threat. While individuals can still argue that their First Amendment rights are being trampled and the average American citizen (and perhaps even court) will support them… organizations are at a disadvantage because they are not recognized as “people.”

So “Christian” universities, schools, hospitals and businesses have a far more difficult time standing against the crushing blows from the left.
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