Senator McCain: Please. Stop. Talking…


by Elisha Todd

John McCain gave over five years of his life as a Vietnam POW. The sacrifice he made and the horror he endured has rightfully earned the nation’s gratitude. Then he became a US Senator and gave us the Keating Five, McCain-Feingold, the Obama Presidency, and his namesake Meghan. That pretty much cancels things out in the plusses and minuses columns. The principles of freedom and liberty this man fought for so heroically on the battlefield continue to be undermined by the bewildering politics he practices and the preposterous actions he takes.

In keeping with this game plan, this week Team McCain has announced another stellar addition to its squad of big government all-stars. Who is this new acquisition? Her name is Elizabeth O’Bagy, and one thing that’s certain is she is not a Tea Partier. Senator McCain has very high standards and he’s made it abundantly clear that “Tea Party Hobbits” won’t find a spot on his roster.

The Arizona Senator’s newest teammate seems to prefer the professional name “Dr. O’Bagy” – though she has not actually earned a doctorate. She told her soon-to-be-boss “that she had successfully defended her dissertation in May 2013″ – though she had not actually even written one, because she’s not actually a doctoral student. She also stated that she was accepted in a joint Master’s and Doctoral Program at Georgetown – though she actually had not. It’s the George Costanza theory of truth telling, “It’s not a lie, if you believe it’s the truth.” After all, what’s a big non-white lie between fellow Progressives? Coincidentally, from now on I would like for Senator McCain to refer to me as “Your Royal Highness” even though Prince Harry and I haven’t officially announced our engagement yet. Actually I’ve never really met the prince, but I have seen him on television and I do believe I could pick him out of a lineup. I also plan on going to England someday. So, just as in “Dr.” O’Bagy’s case, I’m sure Senator McCain would agree that whole title thing is virtually a minor technicality.

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