These Senate RINOs Have Got to Go


by Stephen Bowers

The Senate RINOs slavishly voted as Harry Reid ordered them to vote. They are an obedient bunch. And they know who their master is. The problem is, while they are faithful drudges to Dusty Harry, they cannot recognize their true masters. The rest of us. They serve their own personal interests first in the following order.

They want to stay in power. But as we saw in 1994, they don’t know how to run things if they fall into power (in 1994 on the coat tails of hapless Clinton and in a reaction to him). Being second fiddle to the Democrats because they aren’t as smart as the Democrats and can’t play to the electorate as well, doesn’t bother them. There is a risk in “playing to the grandstand.” You must have some courage. What if your theatrics fall flat? There is the chance the people in the grandstands may not like you. They may hate you. Maybe the guys who composed your lines are dummies.

There was a lucrative profession during the Napoleonic era, which consisted of attending debuts of symphonies and plays. The practitioners were called “Clappers.” They were hired to applaud or jeer at the right moment to bolster or condemn the production. Modernly in the political arena, we call those guys the “Press.” They are paid to mess up any theatrics the Republicans’ (or more accurately, Conservatives’) attempt in presenting their views or plans. They got a jolt of a sense of their power when they hammered Nixon and haven’t been the same since. Unfortunately for them, while they learned that they can dethrone a king, they found making one is much more difficult. This frustrates them and makes them nasty, derisive and petulant. Their mindset is “If you think differently than me you are wrong … I am (by definition) right, which means you are “Evil” … and … ergo … I can condemn you in every venue available.” It is circular logic, of course. But it makes liberals feel good about themselves because it allows them to look down on someone, which means they (liberals) are above the people they look down on … and superior to at least someone in the room, which feels really good if you know you really aren’t the smartest person in the room … as you may have claimed. This is a tremendous motivator, because liberals very seldom have anything to feel good about regarding themselves.

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