Senate GOP Leaders in Open Partnership with Obama


There were a number of famous traitors throughout history: Cassius conspired with Brutus to assassinate Caesar; both had been awarded high office by their victim; Judas Iscariot, vilest of traitors, betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver; Benedict Arnold plotted to give West Point to the British; Vidkun Quisling was Norway’s puppet governor under the Nazis; Marshal Philippe Pétain headed the Vichy Regime in wartime France, which collaborated with the Nazis, even rounding up Jews.

The first three betrayed their leaders; the second three, their countries. “Judas” and “Quisling” have entered the language, as synonyms for “betrayer.” Perhaps, one day the word “McConnell” may similarly find its way into the vernacular.

Mitch McConnell has betrayed his party and the United States Senate—both of which have become shams; he’s betrayed those who voted for him, breaking his campaign promises, and aligning with Obama. He’s betrayed America itself and its Constitution, which he could have defended against a dictatorial president who had repeatedly violated it. Instead, he funded that violation.
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