Self-Defense Tips in Case of Home Invasion


by Tim Dearwester, Founder and President of Second Defense Alliance:

Home invasions occur at an alarming rate of one every 15 seconds in the United States, and that statistic is enough to spur many homeowners into action. Many people have already created action plans, secured an insurance policy, and installed an alarm system. Even with these steps taken, however, a home is not immune from a real home invasion.

If someone does manage to successfully get past security systems and reinforced doors, a home’s occupants need to know how to escape, how to defend themselves, and how to reduce the likelihood of injury or even death. By following some basic tips and guidelines, homeowners will give themselves a fighting chance at surviving the worst possible effects of a burglary that compromises their home.

1. Know More than One Escape Route

Most families have prepared an “action plan” for a home invasion, identifying what each member of the family should do and how they should secure their own safety as part of the broader group’s plan. Many times, however, families give themselves just one escape route from the home and away from harm. This is a mistake. Home invasions are fluid and fast-changing. Criminals are unpredictable, and they could easily block the plan’s identified escape route and place the family’s safety at risk.

Instead of identifying just one escape route for the home’s occupants, make sure that at least three routes to safety are identified and known by everyone in the home. This will act as a type of insurance, giving families multiple ways to bypass criminals and secure their own safety without the threat of a violent confrontation in many cases.

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