SEIU behind “Williamson Strong”! Uh oh!


by Victoria Jackson

Common Core has created a bit of friction on the local political landscape. Progressives are pushing Common Core. Conservatives are exposing its evil components. I put “common core” in the search box of “The Tennessean.” Every article that popped up was PRO Common Core. Ok. That paper has a BIAS.

As the silent (conservative) majority got bolder and started to show up at School Board meetings and the Capitol with Stop Common Core T shirts/buttons, even flying in an expert from OK to testify, the Liberals/Progressives fought back hard.

A website and Facebook called “Williamson Strong” popped up. Guess who is listed as one of “the team”? Susan Drury. Who is she? A campaign consultant for SEIU. What is the SEIU? A flaming liberal, radical, communist organization that supports Obamacare, Obama and all things socialist. (Cherie Hammond has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO. She is also Pro-Common Core).

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