The Secret to the Success of “American Sniper”


It shocked the movie industry, with its $90 million debut ranking as one of the top 40 in cinema history. It made twice the money of the second-biggest January opening ever. It posted the second-best opening on record for an R-rated movie. And it’s already made more money than every film nominated for “best picture” this year.

I believe what sets “American Sniper” apart, and why the politically-correct crowd deems it inexplicably successful, is the first word in the title. It’s not just a war movie. It’s an American war movie. It turns out there are still plenty of people between the two liberal coasts who root for the home team.

The film begins by laying out Kyle’s driving motivations: Going to church and having a strong father in the home that taught him to defend himself and the innocent. A good dad and a good church were two of the key components in constructing the culture that gave birth to American Exceptionalism, but both are largely foreign or enemy concepts to the elites of our day.

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