‘Secret’ rule prohibiting social media checks for foreign visa applicants doesn’t protect AMERICANS


The hits just keep on coming.  It’s almost as if the 2 December terror attack in San Bernardino was designed to be a wake-up call to Americans about how badly our government is failing us, when it comes to its number one job: national security.

First there were disclosures that the Obama administration shut down an intelligence effort that would have identified terrorist Syed Farook.  There were also allegations that the Obama White House told the FBI to “downplay” the reality that this was a terrorist attack.

Then we learned on Friday that female terrorist Tashfeen Malik underwent three background checks applying for her K-1 visa – and all three missed her social media postings in support of violent jihad.

Now we learn that there’s a reason for that.  The Department of Homeland Security has had a “secret,” or at least a previously undisclosed, policy of not reviewing the social media activity of visa applicants.

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